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Want to find out more about cycling in Ashdown Forest? Get information about Ashdown Forest mountain biking, road cycling, and more on Ashdown Forest Cycling.

Ashdown Forest Cycling promotes cycling in the Ashdown Forest, East Sussex and the surrounding area. We love the diversity of the forest’s landscape, and want to share the area with more visitors.  The forest offers a vast network of quiet roads offering a diverse riding experience from fast flat straights for the steady rider to the steepest of climbs to test the experienced cyclist.

Although mountain biking in the Ashdown Forest is not currently allowed, we are working to encourage the forest’s conservators to reconsider this.

We bring visitors information, including maps, activity information, local facilities and cycle routes in the Ashdown Forest. Using road cycling routes, visitors can still experience many of the best aspects of the forest.

Why Cycle in Ashdown Forest?

The Ashdown Forest area of East Sussex uniquely combines heathland and woodland. Few areas of heathland remain in the United Kingdom, making Ashdown Forest a must-visit for any nature lover. Experiencing the forest on bike can allow you to fully take in this grand natural space. Its perfect location is also close to the seaside resorts of Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings.

While other forests have been commercialised, the Ashdown Forest remains unspoilt. It has a relatively low level of vehicle traffic on the roads through it, making it the perfect place for road cycling.

Road cycling in Ashdown Forest gives you the ability to enjoy all the region has to offer, including the many local businesses. If you don’t have a road bike, we can offer you information about bike hire in the Ashdown Forest, too.

What can cyclists get?

Ashdown Forest is known for its mix of terrain, and it includes some very challenging hills as well as gentle, sweeping roads. These are perfect for advanced cyclists who want to test their stamina or those more interested in a gentle spin. Ashdown Forest proudly boasts hosting a stage of the Tour De France and both world class cyclists and those who just cycle for fun can enjoy their rides in Ashdown Forest.

While we want to encourage more riders to tackle the challenging parts of Ashdown Forest, we also hope to attract people to the forest’s more gentle routes.

The Ashdown Forest is also known as the home of Winnie the Pooh. Share this magical landscape with your whole family. The Ashdown Forest provides some of the best bike rides in Sussex.

Come back throughout the year to see the wide variety of flora and fauna in the forest. The beautiful location is the perfect place for you to enjoy the wildlife and give yourself a wonderful day out.

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